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Experiential, live experience, engagement – call it what you want, but we are experts in getting your brand in front of your people.

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Experiential marketing that engages audiences the right way

Experiential marketing or experience marketing is a unique approach to promoting one’s brand or product through truly engaging, exciting experiences. At MOMENT, we focus on the core audience impression points and try to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to come up with the most impactful advertising and marketing campaigns.

Brand activation

This is the stage of brand promotion that comes after the initial planning of further marketing activities. With the analyzed scope of work in hand, we activate the major phases of brand promotion. And experiential marketing is the essential stage of the whole process.

Live experience

Live streams and various video conference-like activities are hugely popular right now due to natural causes (COVID-19, of course). That’s why we also focus on using live-streaming capabilities to promote your brand. We can launch a unique, powerful live ad campaign.


Market your brand or product with a bang. We will help you set up an awesome party or a high-quality themed event to really impress people with what you have to offer. This is, usually, the most effort-intensive yet the most efficient way to influence audiences.


Need some more space to go beyond a single party or themed event? Not a big deal. Let’s throw a festival dedicated to your brand. We’ll take care of all the condiments and fun activities while you prepare a presentation. And we’ll even help you with a pitch if you need.

On-site customization

If you are having problems renting a proper space for a certain event, our branding agency turns just about any place into a fitting environment. Our crew comes to the rescue to organize an awesome brand event against all odds. You just give us a call and tell us what to do.

Live events are a major way to let people feel your brand’s dedication to satisfying its core audience. And we have years of practice in numerous engagement marketing techniques.

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On-Site Customization

Want to design an experience for your customer? Major event or product launch coming up?