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While we navigate a horrible virus that is plaguing the world over, the earth continues to spin. People are still breathing air, drinking water, and spending money. This means brands must adapt, even if temporarily. But how? We can still gather, we can still experience, and, ultimately, we can still live. At Moment, we have developed CDC-Certified compliance plans that allow us and our clients to move forward in a COVID world. Developed to keep everyone safe, these plans allow our clients to continue reaching their consumers. Ask us how!

Moment Steps to COVID Success


1At first we panicked – just like everyone else. Then we panicked a little bit more. We questioned whether this would all boil over or if this was going to be how it is for the foreseeable future. While certain parts of the economy began to recover – the events industry did not, so we panicked just a tiny bit more.


2After the panic subsided, we sat down as a team and strategized on ways we can still provide clients our world-class services. Do we pivot to digital? Should we try to do more concept or creative work? Can we help our clients prepare for the other side? A/B preparation? Hybrid approach?


3We have established protocols that assess risk and put a mitigation plan in place – assisting in location scouts and site checks, ensuring proper social distancing measures, developing and enforcing on-site procedures, providing PPE, on-site symptom checking, safety briefings, and many other COVID safe efforts.


4We’re still not 100% on board with this “new normal.” In fact, we may never be. We miss the old normal. However, right now there is a virus plaguing our world, so all we can do is offer our clients our years of critical expertise coupled with airtight protocols that ensure a safe project. Onward!

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