PARKIFY | The Parking Experience 


The What 

ParkiFi created an experience where they could connect with customers on the pains of finding parking in difficult populated areas. We created experiences that shed light on the challenges of parking amidst busting high-traffic events. Whether it was depicting the frustration of feeding a meter with spare change or the comedic image of parallel parking an adult tricycle, we adeptly accentuated these shared struggles, fostering a genuine connection with our audience. 


The How 

We developed an engagement marketing campaign that increases product awareness, application downloads, and usage by marketing across many events and multiple markets. We showcased the app’s intuitive ease via an oversized iPhone, complemented by interactive games that offered enticing prizes. 


The Moment 

The outcome of this campaign created a surge in ParkiFi’s brand visibility, underscored by a 1:2 conversion rate from engagements to downloads. This translated into a substantial 42% amplification in app downloads, accompanied by a notable 28% upswing in user retention rates. 


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