Mexican National Team Jersey Launch 2022

The What 

Come up with a dynamic and strategic campaign to tease and launch the Men’s Mexican Federation Football Jersey for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 


The How 

In anticipation of the 2022 World Cup, we generated consistent hype surrounding both the home and away jersey for the National Mexican team. Custom seeding kits were sent to key influencers across the United States to spread the word of the upcoming drop. A lookbook was created in the key cities of Los Angels, New York City, and Mexico City to ultimately display the jersey and how to incorporate into consumer’s everyday fashion. Lastly, we fabricated 2 nomadic retail trucks, a first for adidas, to travel the country. This drove jersey sales and adiClub membership registrations to skyrocket with the away jersey selling-out nationwide. 


The Moment 

Our nomadic retail trucks kicked off their tour at the Rose Bowl for the Mexico vs. Peru game. Fans got a chance at our Soccer Showdown to score at the top of the leaderboard in order to win their chance at the coveted and sold out jersey.  


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