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LMent LLC, the parent company of Moment Creative, was founded in 2011 by  Luke Miller. To continue pushing the field of experiential marketing forward and grow it in a manner consistent with his principles, Miller opened Shop Marketing and Creative Group in downtown Denver, Colorado in 2015. For four straight years, The Shop’s client list grew and so did the agency, quickly becoming a recognizable name in the industry. Miller revamped and rebranded Shop Marketing into Moment Creative in early 2019 – dropping to just Moment in 2023. Moment now offers unmatched value, cutting edge creativity, world-class production, and award-winning execution.

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It’s not enough to simply say that we are different. Every agency does that. We prefer to prove we’re different by challenging the status quo, ruffling a few feathers, and striving to change the agency paradigm.

We take time and care with our estimates, and we bill accurately and honestly. We don’t bury costs. We don’t mark anything up. Want contact info for a vendor? Just ask. Want to see a receipt? Sure thing. This kind of transparency doesn’t exist at other agencies. At Moment, we operate lean and mean so that more of your money goes towards your project and less goes towards our overhead and profit. We understand that advertising and marketing have inherent risk. This is why we carry best in class insurance to protect your company, brand, and project from uncertainties. Our general liability and errors & commissions ensures our work together is fully covered. We take the risk, so you don’t have to.

Beyond the box is our strategic differentiator. Instead of strategizing with our internal team only, we look past the confines of our walls on every project. From industry experts to fine artists, we employ the brains necessary to deliver fresh concepts and extraordinary thinking each and every time we do work.

You’ll see our value in the nitty-gritty details that most agencies don’t take the time to get right. From documents that are formatted correctly, to meticulous onsite management, to on-the-fly quality adjustments. We literally sweat the small stuff because we know that it all adds up to a successful project.

We don’t chase profits, we chase passion. We are 100% owned by members of the team with no investors to answer to. We aren’t weighed down by debt or beholden to anyone. This means we make decisions based on what we want, not how much profit it generates. We actively seek clients that represent brands and products we truly believe in, not just companies with deep pockets. We court new clients slowly, not aggressively. We passionately pursue what excites us, so we want to show up for our clients every day.



Market your brand or product with a bang. Experiential, live experience, engagement – call it what you want, but we are experts in getting your brand in front of the right people. We curate engaging and buzz-worthy moments. We focus on the core audience impression points and put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to come up with the most impactful advertising and marketing campaigns. We design, fabricate, and produce spectacles that ensure consumers keep your brand top of mind. Experiential marketing is, usually, the most effort-intensive yet the most efficient way to influence audiences.


We are creatives first. We think, we plan, we create – for you. We can help you determine which creative approach will best achieve the brand authenticity that your consumers admire. Whether it be through simple images, banners, and 2D animations, or complex hi-def videos, visual projects, and 3D motion assets – we handle it all. We’ll polish and perfect the content for your brand to the highest quality. Our in-house creative studio allows us to keep the cost of our services low to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. By setting the proper foundation for creative promotion, keeping a firm hand on the current content delivery trends, and developing a strategic timeline, we always stay one step ahead of the competition and common market demand


Content is king. At Moment, we build content generation into every project because it is crucial to success. We tailor stories that audiences can relate to and create attention-grabbing media for your brand. We can help you storyboard, design, capture content, manage your raw content, and edit post-production. The content we create is always high-quality, relevant, and evocative. Content is nothing without proper distribution – that’s why we focus on publishing your content through the most efficient distribution channels to ensure your promotional media reaches its destination seamlessly.


Why limit your brand promotion event to a single presentation in a single venue? Mobile experiential marketing tours are guaranteed to produce unforgettable live experiences in numerous markets. Site scouting, routing, permitting, and scheduling are just the beginning – we handle all the logistics of your tour, down to custom vehicles, attendee registration, and pre-event promotion. We have experience in single city one-off events, simultaneous nationwide activations, and multi-stop mobile sampling tours. We have the relationships and expertise to ensure your brand gets in front of the right people, in the right places, at the right time.


We get shit done. We are experts in the production space. We have vendors and partners all over the globe to make sure your idea comes to life exactly as you envisioned. Full production, logistics, management – we do it all. We consider every aspect of your event to ensure it runs smoothly. What is the most appropriate venue? How will we customize the space? What lighting and AV equipment do we need? How will we bring audiences to the venue from afar? We’ll even help you clean up the place after the event is over. Our team provides comprehensive experiential marketing event services so that you can concentrate on what truly matters – enjoying your own event.


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