Khalifa Kush

Trulieve | Khalifa Kush Florida Launch

The What

Produce an elevated, in-store experience at three of Trulieve’s stores simultaneously to celebrate the Florida launch of Khalifa Kush, featuring appearances by Wiz himself.

The How

We created a unique activation element for each store, including a live mural, a premium floral photo wall, and an eye-catching Khalifa Kush retail display. We also hired a DJ for all the stores and served custom KK popsicles outside to ensure fans stayed engaged and excited while waiting in line. We wrapped a yellow Lamborghini with custom vinyl to carry Wiz Khalifa from store to store throughout the day.

The Moment

The event introduced the Khalifa Kush brand exclusively to Trulieve patients with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to meet Wiz Khalifa and be some of the first people in Florida to shop his product line.



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