Humble Beginnings

LMent LLC, the parent company of Moment Creative, was founded in 2011 by marketing and advertising wunderkind, Lucas Miller, M.S. Lucas’ vision helped to fuel the meteoric growth of the experience lead marketing trend. As Miller honed his craft, he quickly realized that starting an agency was the only way to continue pushing this field and to grow it in a manner consistent with his principles. In 2015, Shop Marketing and Creative Group opened its doors in downtown Denver, Colorado. With 200% growth year over year, SMCG, or The Shop to those who knew us best, quickly became a recognizable name in the industry. For four straight years, The Shop’s client list grew and so did the agency. As client demand increased and trends shifted, Shop Marketing transformed into Moment Creative in early 2019. Moment Creative allowed our agency to continue flourishing, while not pigeonholing us to a single discipline. MC is the premier agency in Denver and Los Angeles. We look forward to showing you why.


It’s not enough to simply say how different you are. Every agency does that. Different isn’t open floor plans, unlimited time off, booze-fueled company retreats, and bean bag conference rooms. Different is challenging the status quo, ruffling a few feathers, and striving to change the agency paradigm. Moment Creative doesn’t just claim to be different, we are.

We learned from some of the best. We took the best traits from our history and left the worst behind in order to offer unmatched value, cutting edge creativity, world-class production, and award winning execution. We started Moment because we knew things had to be changed. There is far too much dishonesty in the agency world, but not at MoCre. Challenge us. We relish the chance to prove we’re actually different and, for us, different means better.


We don’t hide anything from our clients. We don’t bury costs. We don’t mark anything up. Want contact info for a vendor? Just ask. Want to see a receipt? Sure thing. When you have nothing to hide, you’re willing to put it all on the table.

We take time and care with our estimates and we bill accurately and honestly. This kind of transparency doesn’t exist at other agencies, but it does with us because it’s the right thing to do.

Lastly, because we operate lean and mean, we have significantly less overhead. What does this mean for you? Your dollar goes further with Moment Creative. For every dollar you spend with us, more goes towards your project and less goes towards overhead and profit.

The Details 

It’s the little things that matter. It’s the details that most people and most agencies don’t take the time to get right. From emails without typos and documents that are formatted correctly to meticulous onsite management and on-the-fly quality adjustments, the nitty-gritty details really matter. We might be a little more active than the agencies you’re used to. We literally sweat the petty stuff, because it’s not petty to us.


There are two big reasons you hire an agency: expertise and risk mitigation. You already have a good understanding of our expertise. If you’ve made it this far into our site, you are looking for that last little push – the information that makes you go “Yes! These guys get it.”

Well, we do. We understand that advertising and marketing has inherent risk. This is why we carry best in class insurance to protect your company, brand, or project from the uncertainties. Our general liability and errors & commissions insures our work together is fully covered. We take the risk, so you don’t have to.