June 2023 Newsletter

  A WORD FROM LUKE MILLER LEVI’S® NASHVILLE NEW STORE OPENINGTo celebrate Levi’s® new store opening in Nashville, we activated two spectacular events. To kick off the festivities, we produced an exclusive VIP night hosted by model Lily Aldridge at local restaurant, City House. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a denim jacket on […]

An archaic agency model is holding you back. In this episode of Talk Shop, we discuss the Strategic, Creative, and Production silos. These silos prevent agencies from collaborative overlap in the creative process. It is necessary that creatives can produce, producers can strategize, and strategists can creative – a continuous and inclusive circle. — This […]

Luke Miller, CEO/CCO – Moment Creative Increased brand awareness: Experiential marketing provides a unique opportunity to showcase a brand’s products or services and build awareness among potential customers. By creating memorable and immersive experiences, consumer brands can leave a lasting impression on attendees, leading to increased word-of-mouth marketing and social media sharing. Enhanced customer engagement: […]

Lauren Jouriles, Producer – Moment Creative Collectively, over the last 15 years or so years, our team has garnered experience from enough jobs that I couldn’t keep track if I tried. If we were to all sit down in a room and road map our career trajectories from the “very-beginning-of-time” through turning the corner into […]

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