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Luke Miller, Executive Creative – Moment Creative We generally try to provide expertise or opinions on industry happenings when we blog, but this time we want to do something a little different. I think we are pretty well positioned as experts and thought leaders in the experiential marketing (event marketing, XM, engagement marketing, etc.) space, […]

Clients are investing more and there’s more competition among highly creative shops. “Two or three years ago, clients saw it as an incremental spend. Now they’re moving dollars previously slated for media or broadcast into experiential.” Take a look at this article and then let’s talk. #TheShop will offer more competitive rates and higher level […]

6 Tips for Creating a Successful Experiential Marketing Campaign Brittany Thomas, Jr. Producer + Developer – Shop Marketing and Creative Group Experiential marketing campaigns enable brands to build a stronger connection with consumers through fun, unique, and creative experiences. When well-executed and correctly targeted, these campaigns can increase engagement and create a lasting impression with consumers. […]

The Snapchat Spectacle Luke Miller, Executive Producer – Shop Marketing and Creative Group “6 billion dollars and he didn’t sell, what an idiot!” I once emphatically proclaimed to a friend. That was the number Facebook offered Evan Spiegel to buy his company, Snapchat (now Snap, Inc.), about 2 or 3 years back. “There is no way he […]

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